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Tri-State as Construction Contractor

At Tri-State Design we are consistently cost-competitive, hard dollar bidders.  We are able to maintain this advantage by keeping all of the necessary resources available within our company.  We save our clients time and money with competence, experience, and personal attention.  We deliver quality in several ways:

Tri-State as Construction Manager​

In the role of construction manager, Tri-State Design functions as a resource by staying involved in virtually every phase of the construction process. We serve a wide variety of our clients needs by adhering to performance expectations. There is more to construction than building, and we recognize that many projects benefit from a comprehensive strategy. From concept to finished structure, we are able to make accurate projections, advise, schedule, and budget.

In order to remain consistent and cost competitive we employ several highly effective project management strategies. These include:

Cost Management

Tri-State Design firmly believes in keeping clients informed of costs during all phases of the construction project. By adhering to scheduling and planning strategies, we are able to function with maximum efficiency within the designated budget.

Project Feasibility Studies

We work with clients andor architects to develop original pro forma and budgets.

Value Engineering

Our in-house experts work on providing innovative alternatives to the standard construction methods and materials. This service also includes life cycle costing considerations. Of utmost importance to this process is the commitment to maintaining quality and safety while heightening construction value.

Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)

Tri-State can provide a GMP during the early design phases of any project.

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